Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901

Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901
Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901
Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901
Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901
Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901
Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901

Complete Set Of 12 Mucha Postcards, Months Of The Year, Written In French 1901
Complete set of Muchas 12 Months of the year with months written in French. Each postcard signed by the artist Mucha. When these postcards are found used, they are generally used around 1904 and 1905. These specific postcards were probably one of the very first sets to be available as they were all used in early 1901 , (less than a year after their inception on the cover of Le Mois). Became a favorite amongst the public and because of their extreme popularity, many reproductions were made.

This is a type of collection you find maybe once every generation. Apart from been one of the most treasured sets to a deltiologist, this one comes with a personal story, a story that has kept this set together since 1901 and should be kept together for many more centuries. We went to great lengths analyzing the script writings on each card, line by line. They were written in French from the same person and every one of the cards were sent to the same woman Armandine Blanc.

This gentlemen we believe was a student of Mucha as he referenced him as Teacher Mucha. The woman we believe was someone he wanted to be with and possibly becoming his girlfriend. Starting in January of 1901 and ending in March of 1901, cards were sent weekly from Nogent (a small town outside of Paris) to her address: 83, Rue St. If you use google maps, that building with that address still stands today.

The last card sent was the month of November. Below are the writings in French and the translation in English from each postcard. Google translate wasn't much help as this was written in old style French and made the translation into English mostly gibberish. We at "Marcis Halloween" speak many languages and we went word for word, sentence for sentence in translating the meaning of the writings as intended to be understood in their native French writing.

A collection that really belongs in a Museum or an Art Institution that preserves such treasures. Ju me fais un plaisir de vous adressez la premiere carte de la serie que je vous ai annoncee. Cest un genre tre special , ce sont des etude tres facilles bien que dun symbolisme un peu subtil. Je pense quelles ne depareron pas votre collection. Puissent telles en tou Coeur vous etres plus agreables que ma presence.

A deux par semaine, nous iron assez vite. Il va sans dire que vous netes pas oblige de repondre chaque fois. Compositions of the master Mucha. It's a very special kind, it's a very easy study although of a slightly subtle symbolism. I do not think they will depart from your collection.

May them be in your heart more agreeable than my presence. At two a week, we finish quickly enough.

It goes without saying that you do not have to answer every time. Mercredi matin, Ma chere Armandine.

Veuillez dire a Maman que je pourai etre demain a 11 heures chez vous. Je nemais donc rien a Stephanie. Inutile de repondre puisque vous vous me verez demain.

Wednesday morning, My dear Armandine. I did not give anything to Stephanie. No need to answer since you will see me tomorrow.

Du 8 Fevrier 1 heure. Malgre tout, continuation des envois a M. Armandine, pour ne pas depareiller la collection, mais cette fois ci, evec priere de ne ma repondre. In spite of everything, the continuation of the mailings to Ms.

Separate" or mismatch" the collection, and this time, please do not respond to me. Lundi le fevrier, 1 heure. Continuont ma contribution a votre collection, je vous envoie aujourdhui avril figure reveuse et pensive dans le fleurs. Jais passé a un amie laffaire de Jeudi qui navait aucun interet.

Il peut donc ce faire que je sois libre pour aller a hogent. Voila un premier pas de franchi. Pour le deuesieme et dernier, il mestarrive davoir quelques hesitation, enfin je me conformerai au conseil que vous donerez. Jenverrai surement cette semaine une carte a Jean. Croiyez a mes sentiment devoues.

Monday February, 1pm, Miss Mademoiselle Armandine. Continue my contribution to your collection, I send you today April a dreamy and preoccupied figure in the flowers. I passed by a friend for an item Thursday which had no interest. Here is a first step to overcome. For the second and last, I happen to have some hesitation, finally I will comply with the advice you give.

I will probably send a card to Jean this week. Un avvis affiche ce matin nous previent quun de nos maîtres ne pourra pas faire sa conference demain. Cet heureuxempechement me permettra de vous ammener faire un tour demain. Je serai chez vous a 11 heures.

Je souhaite que le temps nous permette daller a Nogent. Compliment a toute la fammille, et excuses pour le nouveau derangement que je vais vous impose.

Wednesday, February 20, 1901, My dear Armandine. A notice this morning warned us that one of our masters will not be able to do his conference tomorrow.

This happy event will allow me to take you on a tour tomorrow. I will be at your house at 11 o'clock. I hope that time allows us to go to Nogent.

Compliment to all the family, and apologies for the new inconvenience that I'm going to impose on you. Mercredi 13 Fevrier, 1901, le matin.

Je nai pu vous envoyer de carte hier, car javais oublies la collection chez moi en partant le matin. Je mempresse de raparer cet oubli, et jespere que vous me pardonnez ce retard involontaire.

Compliment a toute la famille e Bien a vous. Derniere heure: Etant absolument libre demain, je vous prie de me dire après lavoir demande a Maman, jattends une reponse aux plus tot pour savoir comment desposer de ma journee. Wednesday, February 13, 1901, in the morning. I could not send you a card yesterday because I had forgotten the collection at home by leaving in the morning. I hope you accept my apologies on this forgetfulness, and I hope you forgive me for this involuntary delay.

Compliment to the whole family e Good to you.... Last hour: Being absolutely free tomorrow, I beg you to tell me after having asked Mom, I wait for an answer to the earlier to know how to deposit of my day. Mardi 26 Fevrier, 1 heure. JE me plais a croire que vous jouissez tous maintenant dune excellente santé, que M.

Mme Blanc tout a fait retabllie. Jean e vous a labris de toute atteinte de la grippe.

Je compte daihheurs pouvoir passer demain matin aux Halles pour prendre des nouvelles de toute la famille. Il ne vous reste plus a recevoir que les figure plus triste des mois dautomne, cela ne tardera guere; ensuite nous retrouverons autre chose. En attendant le plaisir de vous voir, veuillez agreer, Mademoiselle Armandine, Lassurance de mes sentiments les meihheurs.

Blanc is doing quite well. Jean has protected you from the flu. I hope that I will be able to spend the morning at Les Halles to hear from the whole family.

All you have to do now is to receive the saddest figures of the Autumn months, it will not take long; then we will find something else. While waiting for the pleasure of seeing you, please accept, Miss Armandine, The assurance of my feelings the best. Mardi 29 Janvier , 1 heure.

Voici le mois daout, cest de toute les carte de la serie celle qui parait la plus jolie. En tous cas, elle ne ma point paru indigne de prendre place dans votre album.

Je me plais a croire quelle fera sur vous la meme impression. Contrairement a mes prevision, je pourai moffrir le plaisir de passer chez vous ce soir vers 5h ¾.

Peut-etre meme serai je libre Jeudi comme la semaine passé. Tuesday, January 29, 1pm, My dear Armandine. Here is the month of August. Out of all the cards from the series it seems the prettiest. In any case, it did not seem unworthy to take place in your album.

I like to think she will make the same impression on you. Maybe I'll be free Thursday like last week.

Lundi Mars 1901, 1 heure. Suivant ma promesse je prends plaisir a vous addresser les trois derniere carte de la collection de Mucha.. Apres reflecxion je vous priet pour realizer le desire que vous avez franchement exprime hier, de ne pas vous donner la peine de repondre cette fois-ci encore. Je relies en ce moment la liasse des lettres que jai recues.

La plus par sont charmantes, cetait un grand plaisir de la recevoir. Monday March 1901, 1pm, Miss Mademoiselle Armandine. Following my promise I take pleasure in addressing you the last three cards of the collection of Mucha.. After reflection I beg you to realize the desire that you frankly expressed yesterday, not to give you the trouble to answer this time again.

I'm linking right now the bundle of letters I received. The most are charming, it was a great pleasure to receive. Ainsi que je vous le disais, cette figure dOctobre, comme deja celle de Septembre, exprime la tristesse et la melancolie des soir dautomone. Elle est le symbole des illusions eteintes, des desir decu, des esperience irealisees, des pensees morose. Cest bien la lidee qua voulu ce metre lartiste. As I told you, this figure of October, like that of September, expresses the sadness and melancholy of the autumn evening. It is the symbol of illusions, desires, irrational expectations, sad thoughts. This is the idea the Master wanted to show. Lundi 4 Mars 1901, 1 heure ½.

Comme tous prend fain, memes le chose les plus agreables me voice arrivee au terme de cette collection que pris tant de plaisir a vous envoyer. Je vous remercie vivement de lobbligeance que vous avez mise a recevoir. Ca ete une joie pour mois de vous envoer ces cartes, jespere que dans leur ensemble vous en serez satisfaite dans toutes, lartiste a voulu realizer une idee. Creer un symbole, meme dans celles qui vous paraitront les moins jolies.

Monday, March 4, 1901, 1:30pm. As everything comes to an end, even the most pleasant thing must arrive at the end of this collection that took so much pleasure in sending you. I thank you very much for your obedience.

It has been a joy for me these months to send you these cards, I hope that as a whole you will be satisfied in all, the artist wanted to realize an idea. Create a symbol, even in those that seem to you the least beautiful.

Cette figure melancolique de Decembre vous rappellera quil faisait un peu froid hier a Nogent, ce qui ne nous a pas enpeche de nous divertir fort, et de nous faire des gorges chaudes avec laventure de mon sac. Pour ma part, je ne demande qua passer encore semblabbe journee Jeudi prochain. This melancholy figure of December will remind you that it was a little cold yesterday in Nogent, which did not trick us to entertain ourselves, and to make us hot with the adventure of my bag.

For my part, I only ask to spend again next Thursday. All of our postcards are genuine and authentic. We do not sell reproductions. We try to sell complete sets. We also like to put together postcards from the same series. It can take years in trying to complete a set from a specific series. This will allow the collector to put together a collecton in a much shorter period of time. All of our pictures are scanned using a high resoluton scanner, so every detail can be seen including the many Halloween postcards that are embossed. With a high quality scanner, you can clearly see these embossed details.

Scanning also elimates any glare or flash that can discolor the picture. Our descriptions of the postcards will be straight forward, emphasizing on the maker, artist, etc... When postcards are postally used, we cannot expect them to be perfect, nor we would want them to be.

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